About Us

Founded in 1993, Republic Transport boasts more than two decades experience in the transportation business. This level of experience is fundamental in the industry as it allows us to better understand the needs of our customers and come up with tailored solutions. The experience has also allowed us to assemble a capable team and further train them with the goal of providing the best services to our clients.

We know that you want to receive your goods on time and in the best possible shape – no breakages and no lost goods. We also know that quality support before, during, and after the transportation process is what leaves consumers fully satisfied. It is for this reason that we are continually engaging in staff training, acquiring better trucks and investing in innovative tracking technology to ensure that you goods arrive home safe and on time.

AAA-NAID Certified

  • NAID’s certification program was developed by information security professionals and recognized by thousands of private and governmental organizations around the world.
  • All regional, third party NAID auditors have earned the Certified Protection Professional accreditation from ASIS International and are extensively trained on all certification audit procedures and requirements.
  • NAID certification auditors verify that protocols are in place to ensure the security of confidential material throughout all stages of the destruction process such as handling, transporting, storing materials prior to destruction, and destroying and disposing of materials responsibly. This also includes any transfer of custody scenarios.
  • An extensive, three-level background screening process verifies that no individual with a known history of related crimes will be handling confidential material.
  • A regimented, comprehensive unannounced audit program means that certified companies operate knowing they may receive an unannounced audit on any day, at anytime, providing a powerful motivator for ongoing compliance.
  • The Certification Review Board tracks reports of non-compliance and takes immediate remedial action to bring certified companies back into compliance. Repeat or serious infractions will result in fines and may result in removal of certification.


Republic Transport is located along 351 S. Irwindale Avenue in Azusa, CA 91702. Open in Google Map.

Our Mission

At Republic Transport, our mission is to make transportation as convenient as is humanely possible. We do this by ensuring professionalism and encouraging high levels of integrity within our team. By making it possible for clients to track the movement of their goods all the way, we have made our transportation services extremely transparent and therefore reliable.

We are also committed to doing business with the safety of the environment in mind. To this end, we are continually updating our services by adopting innovative solutions such as Intermodal P&D and Just-In-Time delivery to minimize our carbon imprint. 

Our Values

In Azusa where we are the transportation company of choice, we are recognized by our four core values;

In the transportation business, organization is critical to success. We handle a lot of documentation for the different transportation services. Given that we work with hundreds of clients at a go, any slight disorganization could be costly both to us and to the client. Through our high levels of organization, we have been able to minimize cases of delayed delivery and goods being shipped to the wrong destination among others.

To us, reliability means being able to live up to the promise we make. If we promise to deliver your goods within 48 hour, we should be able to fulfill that promise. Owing to delays at ports, it sometimes takes a while before our drivers set off. But we assure our consumers that we have respectable agents in place who help us with these processes to ensure that such delays are minimized and, where possible, eliminated.

Our promise is to ensure integrity at all levels of the transportation process. It’s a virtue that we instill in each of our staff members. On your very first interaction with Republic Transport, you will instantly notice that we are different. All our price negations are above board with no hidden charges. Moreover, by adopting innovative technology, we have made it easy for our customers to keep track of their goods the whole way for increased peace of mind.

Our undisputed leadership is another attribute that clearly separates us from the rest. At Republic Transport, we have a culture of working hard to remain at the front of the pack. We do so by being the first to adopt innovative technology and by challenging our team members to always embrace new ideas. No wonder we are the leading transportation company in the wider Azusa.

We highly value our staff

The Republic Transport team is a family. We work together and help each other to get tasks done. We believe that it is the only way to succeed.
Although the team we have is already highly trained, professional and invaluably experienced, we have never stopped learning. We are always looking for and getting our team members to take part in educational training that expose them particularly to the technological innovations in the industry.
In a bid to maintain high morale and increasingly better performance within the team, we have also developed motivation schemes that allow us to recognize and reward good performance. 

We value our customers even more

Being that our customers are the very reason we are in business in the first place, we cannot stop to thank you. We can guarantee that whenever you choose Republic Transport, you’re choosing the best transportation services provider not only in the region but across the country.
As a way of giving back, Republic Transport promises to always provide top-of-class services and place our client needs above everything. 

Contact Us

Feel free to visit our offices at 351 S. Irwindale Ave Azusa, CA 91702. Alternatively, contact us by phone at (855) 927-8321 and let’s discuss your situation.