Republic Transport specializes in five main areas; Full Truckload (FTL), Intermodal P&D, Just-In-Time, Team Service, and Dedicated Services. There services are different from each other and best suited to different situations. 

Full TruckLoad (FTL)

Essentially, FTL means that the entire trailer or semi-trailer will be carrying a single client’s goods. While less-than truckload is the more popular option, full truckload is definitely the safer, more convenient of the two options. The reason is simple; when everything in the trailer belongs to you, chances of loses or delays are significantly minimized. 

In LTL transportation, goods belonging to different clients are stuffed into the same trailer. This usually means that the trailer has to stop at designated stations where some goods may be loaded onto other trailers for delivery. 

This exposes the client to several risks. For example, what if your goods are loaded onto the wrong truck? What if, instead of being loaded on a trailer headed to California, your goods are loaded onto a trailer destined for a different state? There is usually a rare but real possibility of your goods getting lost forever. But even if that doesn’t happen, the resulting delays would be a major blow to any business. In FTL transportation, such issues are nonexistent because there is no mid-way loading.
FTL is also more advantageous because documentation mix-ups are completely eliminated. Since the goods belong to just one client, the driver will be given all the paperwork (including bills, invoices, and bills of custom verification). Then the trailer will proceed directly to the consignee. 

In a nutshell, full truckload (FTL) transportation is:

  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Highly reliable

Intermodal P&D

Intermodal pickup and delivery is growing in popularity by the day and Republic Transport fully embraces this idea. We recognize the need to lower overall transportation costs while minimizing shipper’s carbon footprint. But intermodal transportation promises even more, as the strategy ensures;

  • Consistent access to capacity – Intermodal P&D is a realistic solution to occasional shortages of long-haul truck drivers. As transporters, we also need intermodal P&D if we are to fully comply with Hours-of-Service rules.
  • Reliable service – railroad combined with over-the-road transit gives us an even better chance of delivering on-time services to the minute.
  • Increased security – intermodal containers are safer because they are always in motion. We all know that freight at rest is freight at risk.

We can assure our clients that our intermodal services are exactly what you need. Just like with our over-the-road trucks, the railroad trailers are fitted with tracking devices that allow you to monitor your goods every step of the way. 

Just In Time

Everyone will tell you that they can provide Just-in-Time (JIT) services until you try them and are truly disappointed. At Republic Transport, we guarantee that you will be enjoying JIT at its best. 

JIT is a simple strategy which ensures that material/goods arrive at the destination or on-site before they are needed, cutting costs and clutter. In order for JIT delivery to be realized, high level logistics are required. Shipments arriving too early defeat the purpose of JIT while those arriving too late might hold up clients/production.
We recommend JIT delivery if you’re shipping goods that are expensive to store. It is also a great option for shipments with short shelf lives. For extra security, Republic Transport has a tracking system to ensure that the client is always up-to-date on the location of their shipment. 

Team Service

Trucking long routes can take a significant amount of time. Team services allow drivers to work in shifts for quicker, more reliable trucking services, easily doubling the time a single driver takes on the road. 

The Federal government has enacted several highway regulations to help keep truck drivers as well as other road users safe. Among the laws are ones that require drivers to rest for a specified minimum number of hours after each driving session. Often, this forces truck drivers to pull over and sleep for well up to ten hours at a time. 

Team service implies having two drivers in the same truck such that when the other takes a mandatory rest, the other can take over the driving. 

This comes with three main benefits:

  • Faster delivery
  • NO truck transfers, and
  • Safer drivers

Dedicated Services

Finally, Republic Transport is a leader in dedicated transportation services all across Azusa. These services are said to be dedicated because they are customized or tailored to the needs of a single client. 

With more than 23 years in the industry, we have accumulated an invaluable wealth of experience that helps us to identify the unique needs of each client and provide useful advice aimed at lowering costs while increasing efficiency. 

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